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Economic, Social and Environmental Responsibility

In our work we aim to ensure the balance of these elements as to foster development and ensure sustainability, and seeking the synergy and synchronicity of the company and the environment it operates in.

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The pursuit of continuous improvement is one of our pillars

Product and service quality is a priority in our Company. We are always seeking new opportunities for action and innovative solutions for arising problems and requirements, and ensuring the implementation of strategies aimed to the development and product quality of ATRASORB, always seeking to provide maximum satisfaction to our customers and partners.

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We have developed two product lines for the medical sector in order to provide for this complex universe comprising surgeries and different types of patients: Pharma and Pharma Free.

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We provide the Defense 230 with superior performance specific for use in submarines and it is offered in different types of canisters in order to service a range of vessel models.

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Due to the wide range of diving equipment available in the market we have devised a complete line in order to meet each requirement, such as granulometry.

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We understand that the industrial segment has a wide range of CO2 absorption requirements, and that is why we not only have our product line, but we are receptive to develop a new product customized for a specific requirement.

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About us

We are pioneers with over 25 years of tradition in the CO2 absorber market.
We originated from a Company specialized in the manufacture of inhalational anesthetic equipment units, as the market required a high performance CO2 absorber. In 1989 Atrasorb became the first national company in this segment and soon after it became the leader of its operating segment.

Atrasorb has the highest standards of Quality, Safety, performance, technology, and modernity to operate in the international market.

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Our vision

We are constantly seeking technological development, up-to-date business management, and making sure our products meet the market’s new requirements, thus maintaining the Company as a reference in CO2 absorption and ready for meeting the national and international market’s needs.

Atrasorb – CO2 Absorbers

Since 1989

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